Current situation of Dr Bukola Saraki on Grow Nigeria

Current situation of Dr Bukola Saraki on Grow Nigeria

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“Today, I met with PDP Delegates and Party Executives in Niger State as part of our #GrowNigeria consultations ahead of our party’s presidential primary.

With rampant unemployment and insecurity across the nation, I made it clear to our party members that right now, it is no longer an issue of how we got here, but how do we get out of this situation.

‪I reiterated that I have what it takes to secure inclusive growth for all Nigerians and will work to make our country safer by redesigning our national security architecture, while adequately empowering our security agencies to protect all lives and property”



    Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki is a detribalize young Nigeria with cognate experience for the post of president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    He has been able to stabilize the 8th Senate since he became the Senate President. He’s ultimately qualified. He also has the agenda to restructure the country to make it a better place for all of us. He’s not a religious extremist. VOTE DR. ABUBAKAR BOKOLA SARAKI AS PRESIDENT 2019


    Dr.Abubakar Bukola Saraki posses a good quality of president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with cognate experience both as a two terms Government of Kwara State and a Senate President, who under him many bills have been passed in the 8th senate. He has an exceptional character, integrity and pedigree.
    God seems to be with him, despite all fraudulent effort to remove him from office,he has not been found wanting. VOTE DR. ABUBAKAR BUKOLA SARAKI AS PRESIDENT 2019

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