Top 7 Made in Nigeria Makeup Product That is A Must-Have

Top 7 Made in Nigeria Makeup Product That is A Must-Have

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Nigeria has been import dependent for a long time. How it started or who started it isn’t necessarily going to bring a solution is it? But it is encouraging to know that young Nigerians are making waves in ensuring our made in Nigeria products are better in packaging and quality. From agriculture, clothes, jewelry, food and even makeup industry has begun to make such amazing waves. Some of the women folk understand how difficult it is to find good products that will not only be good for our skin types but it will also be good for the weather. Worry no longer! We bring you seven of the top made in Naija products that have women raving with little or nor no complaints at all;

House of Tara

HOT is one of if not the most popular Nigerian makeup brand in Africa. Founded and owned by Tara Fela-Durotoye, it has grown over the years to become a well known pacesetter in the industry. House of Tara has a vast number of outlets across th country and abroad. HOT is popularly know for their powders, highlighters , contouring palettes and eye shadows.

 Zaron Cosmetics 

This is one of the most popular products in Nigeria at the moment. Birthed in 2011 it has released a very wide range of products with amazing quality for the African woman. Zaron products has outlets all over the continent and has placed herself in the fashion industry as a force to be reckoned with.


 BMPro Makeup

I call Banke Meshida Lawal a go-getter. Not only is she a proud and hard working makeup artist, she is also the proud owner of a pace setting product in the makeup industry in Africa. BMPro Makeup was born in 2006. And it has and is still growing to become one of the biggest African makeup brands in the world. It is known for their spectacular quality and it has become a definite must-have for most women. And they keep releasing creative and long lasting products.

Sleek Studio Nigeria

One of my personal favourites, Sleek Studio is a major skin care and rejuvenation product. The company is currently run by Dr, Ebele Ugochukwu. They are most popular for their Flash a Pout Lipstains which were all they rave when they were launched.





Kuddy Cosmetics

This is one of the few indigenous makeup brands that produce foundations. The also produce setting powders, lip products and hair products.



Nuban Beauty

This is  a popular start up that is known for their wonderful blending sponges, eyes hadows and foundations that are now trending.






Prestige Nigeria

Although they are relatively new, Prestige is fast becoming a brand that commands attention. They came in with a vast array of products to choose from and they’ve got it for all sirts of skin colours.



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