Find Out What These 4 Sitting Positions Say About Your Personality

Find Out What These 4 Sitting Positions Say About Your Personality

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It is said that the way you dress is definitely how you will be addressed. But there is a new twist to the proverb; your sitting position says a lot about your mood and who you are. Shockingly, research has also proven it to be possible and true. From the sitting-up-straight to crossing your legs sure, they speak of who you are. Wanna find out? here it goes;

More often than not, it is said that eight out of ten women who sit with their legs straight are neat and have a high IQ. They’re often alert and can quickly detect or even respond to signals, changes or influences. And shockingly, it is also a sign that such people would rather shut up than to engage in fights or confrontation

  • Sitting with Crossed-leg position

Research says that crossing your legs while sitting is a statement that speaks of comfort. Still, they say that such people are more artistic because they have strange and artistic ideas. They also think in a very different way from the “Norm”.

  • Clasped Hands While Sitting

A lot of people do not do this while sitting except you’re trying to look or be (maybe) polite, lying or even trying hard to please (mostly in interviews).

  • Sitting With Legs Angles to One Side

Almost all the women folk ca relate to this one. It suggests that these ones believe in everything has to do with time and place. They set the goals and work very hard to achieve them. It is more like a priority for them to establish their education and career before moving on to anything else. And if you wear and extremely uncomfortable and short skirts or gowns, This is so you!


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