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The gofundme that is created for Maria Kikelomo Oyeyipo is nothing but fraud- Chief Olatunji Oyeyipo.

“I was shocked when my attention was brought to the gofundme campaign that was created for the funeral of My late brother’s daughter Abeni Kikelomo Oyeyipo.

My late brother’s daughter late Kikelomo can never be happy with what some selfish people are doing with her name on gofundme. Kikelomo is a very hard working lady and very reserved. She has done so well for herself and played positive impacts in the lives of so many.

Kikelomo should forever be celebrated  for her selfless service for humanity and her generosity. Rubbing her name to achive your selfish interest on gofundme is pathetic.
Allow us to mourn our beautiful daughter in peace. The family is yet to-over come the death of their daughter. We don’t need what you are doing with our daughter’s name on gofundme.

I will advise whoever that is behind this stupid show of shame to please seek for funds in a proper way rather than attaching my late brother’s daughter’s death to this unspeakable chatacter.

I am speaking onbehalf of my self and the entire Oyeyipo’s family that! We are not part of this gofundme. We did not ask anyone to campaign for us on gofundme for our daughter’s burial. Burial arrangements have been made and l will advise everyone to please respect our dear late daughter by removing her name from anything that can redicle her and her family.

Bring the gofundme page down now! Failure to remove this campaign for Kikelomo’s burial on gofundme will result in legal action. Stop the gofundme campaign now!”

Olatunji Oyeyipo- BA HON, LLB, LLM. Barrister at law Abuja Nigeria.

(Copied AbujaExpress).

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