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Meet the brain behind Nigeria Adara Music!

David Folowo a.k.a De King Cork Ireland based artiste release his first single Album today 29/09/2017 titled “ADARA”. The song is centered on the past, present and future of Nigeria, a song of prayer and an assurance to everyone that Nigeria will be better and great again.

What you need to know about Nigeria Adara Music.

 King David: Chrs: Nigeria will get better, my people it will get better, we are in democrazy era ,goverment of the people let continue to hope for the better

Stanza 1: Fifteen Good years we were under the military rule, the ecconomy was in chaos, you dont have to blame the military for they can only do what they know, i hope you understand my point. 2ce

Chrs: Nigeria will get better

Stanza 2: Those representing us couldnt speak the truth anymore because of corruption, Civilian and military up there have done all what they could, let us all cry unto the Lord for his mercy, God should give us a goverment that will be merciful and put an end to the hardship. Please, let us end the tribal wars in Nigeria, Hausa, Igbo, yoruba and all other tribe, we have to unite. United we stand divided we fall. Let us all unite and live peaceful with love,

Stanza 3: For all who lives abroad, may we continue to see God’s mercy. May we not die untimely, may we bring goodness to our country. Lets us all offer a word of prayer for our country Nigeria, so that starvation, hardship and poverty will be a thing of the past.


Nigeria will be great again

Nigeria will be better again I can feel it so strong
Starvation and poverty will soon end 8
calamities and chaos will soon be over
Every hard worker shouldn’t be discourage
All the self employed will soon reap bountifully
Those into buying and selling will soon enjoy
every labourer will soon get a better job. Nigeria will be great again,

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