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Charles Oputa

1.  And it came to pass that  on the 7th day of the 8th month of the third year that king Buhari ascended to the throne of the kingdom  that trouble broke out in the land for the king suffereth affliction.

2. And he departed to seek medication in a foreign country for his affliction was grave that the host of physicians in the land Faileth to cure.

3. And he proclaimed to the people saying, “I present unto thee this day Yemi, the son of Osinbanjo, my deputy who shall sit upon this throne and rule in my stead till I be made whole of my affiliation. All these that the book of the law might be fulfilled.

4. But after he hath tarried to come for ninety days and ninety nights that the people murmureth against the king.

5. And they saith one man to the other; howbeit the king took pleasure in a foreign land when his kingdom lieth dissolate?

6. For the king bringeth much tribulation upon us and yet taketh refuge in a foreign land where he took counsel and make merry with foreign noble men.

7. But many said, surely, the king hath gave up the ghost to joined his fathers for no physician can make him whole of his affliction

8. And Charles, by the name Charlie Boy, who was also called Area Father, the son of Oputa, a noble man who judgeth over the people and dealeth deligently according to his duty before he rest with his father when he was old and full of age, took counsel among the people

9. For Charles is popular among the people for he ministereth in psalms with timberel, string instrument and organs and lived northward of the city of the great king. He rideth great horses of iron.

10. And he declared according to this words unto the people. “Brethren, I beseech thee this day, arise and gird thy loins for we shall march even unto the fountain of unity in the city of the great king.

11. And we shall march across the streets of the city even to the court of the great king and proclaim this words saying, ‘return O ye king to thy kingdom to rule over thy people or ye shall be no king over us’ .

12. And he named the congregation of men that followeth him “Our Mumu Don Do” which is translated to mean “enough of our folly”

13. For seven days and seven nights they marched upon the streets of the city and declared according to the words of Charlie Boy. But the watch men of the city contendeth with them and Charles fell upon his face.

14. And a certain adviser to the king by the name Garba the son of Shehu who dweleth in the court of the king declareth these words saying:

15. Verily verily I say unto thee, the king is made whole of his affliction and shall return to rule over the kingdom soon. Moreso, he dealeth diligently according to the books of the law before his sojourn to the foreign country. In like manner declareth Lai the son of Mohammed.

16. And it came to pass that when Charles the son of Oputa and his men marched unto the market of Wuse to to declare their message that the brethren of the king who buy and sell therein were wroth with anger

17. And they saith one man to the other, let us take hold of Charles that we might put him to death, even the son of Oputa, for he bringeth reproach upon the king.

18. And when they came to take hold of him by the garment so they may behead him, that he ran and escaped from amongst them. Not a few stones were cast upon him that day.

19. At the twilight of the next day, Charles who is also called Area Father, rose and declared to his congregation, be still for we shall put a hold on this march until the Spirit leadeth.

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