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Remilekun Ogunronbi back off me now- Naomi Byass.

Remilekun Ogunjobi

I am using this medium to call on the husband, children, mother, father, sisters, brothers and friends of Remilekun Ogunjobi to tell her to back off me now!

Remilekun I don’t know you from anywhere and I don’t care to know you. I don’t want to know people like you because,  you are a disgrace to the entire institute of standard mothers and a big shame to the country that you are living in and Nigeria.

What is my offence? Why picking on me for no reason? Are you sick in the body or mentally sick? Why defaming my character on social media for peanut? I will advise you to check your faculty of reasoning because you are over doing it on social media.

Let me be and stop criminalising me on social media. You are not in same class and level with me. Take a look at yourself and I. Remilekun please park well joor!

Elegant Naomi Byass

Back off me idiot or you face the music. 

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Humanitarian service provider/Social and community worker.

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