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Success can only occurs when preparation meets opportunity.

Late Stella Obasanjo

Late Stella Obasanjo, wife of the former President Obasanjo attended a programme close to where she obtained her Secondary School education.

After the programme, while stepping out of the venue, she heard a woman shouting from behind,
“Aunty Star!,
Aunty Star!,
Aunty Star! …..”

This was the name her juniors in School used to call her, while she was in that Secondary School.

She turned around and beckoned on her  escorts to allow her pass through.

The woman informed her that she was one of her juniors while they were in school.

Her Excellency was so pleased to meet her.
The woman took the opportunity to plead with Stella  to assist her as she was a widow and was suffering with her children.

Her Excellency,
been a very compassionate woman, asked her to name what she want her to do for her.

The woman replied her by saying “Anything”.
This question was put to her again and she repeated the same answer!

So Her Excellency instructed one of her escorts to give the woman #50,000. After which, she gave the woman her private number and asked her to call her in two weeks time, that she was about traveling and that by then, she (the woman) would have thought out exactly what she want to be done for her.

The woman went home rejoicing and even went to testify in Church!

However, before the 2 weeks elapsed, Stella Obasanjo died abroad while undergoing a surgery!.

Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity. 

Opportunity is a visitor, when it visits you, try to maximize it to the fullest, 
as it may never come visiting again!. 

Remember MATHEW 7:7 ?.

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